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Please share a bit about what you'd like your meditation app to be. For instance, who it's for, what type of meditation it is, and so on?
Do you have an existing business/audience you'd like to build your app for? If so, please share details on what it is you do/offer your customers.
If you have a business/audience, how big is your reach? Please share specifics such as number of followers, email list size, etc.
If you have a business/audience, is your desire to serve existing customers, generate new customers, or both?
This process takes roughly 30 days from project start date, but may take longer depending on your vision. We will take clients in a first come first serve manner. Once you complete payment we will schedule your project start date, which will be based on the number of clients who enrolled before you. Do you understand and agree to be patient as we develop your perfect app in the best timeframe possible?
The set up fee to build and take to market this fully custom meditation app for you is $2,000. This fee is returned to you through revenue share. Is this feasible for you at this moment?
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